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Berita Terkini VGMC 1st Oktober 2012 - CPS-PLATINUM

Dear Shareholders,

VGMC will be offering CPS-PLATINUM to all shareholders effective 2nd of October 2012 onwards.

All shareholders of VGMC are required to maintain a minimum of 10,000 CPS-PLATINUM in order for their accounts to remain active. Shareholders who do not meet this requirement are advised to take the necessary action any time before the 1st of December 2012 to prevent the closing of the account. Requests to re-activate a closed account will not be entertained thereafter.

Below is a list of key information in regard to CPS-PLATINUM:

1. Offer Price:
• USD1.00 per CPS-PLATINUM – October 2012
• USD0.05 increment per month thereafter

2. Normal and new shareholders are allotted 10,000 CPS-PLATINUM while Premier Shareholder may subscribe up to a maximum of 50,000 shares in October 2012. This quota is expected to be higher in the following months.

3. Monthly Dividend – 1 troy ounce (oz.) of Platinum per 10,000 CPS-PLATINUM.

4. Shareholders who already own CPS-PLATINUM but have less than 10,000 shares only need to subscribe to the difference to activate their account. Otherwise, the balance CPS-PLATINUM in their account will automatically be un-subscribed by the 1st of December 2012, followed by the closure of the shareholder account.

5. Platinum Trading Margin of equivalence to Subscription amount (Number of CPS-PLATINUM x price per share) will be allocated to all shareholders from the 2nd of October 2012 onwards. All current CPS-PLATINUM holders who have subscribed earlier will also be allotted the same trading margin.

6. Active shareholders (minimum: 10, 000 CPS-PLATINUM) will be able to enjoy group bonus and referral incentive as specified in shareholder’s account “2.11 Group Plan” and “2.21 Referral Plan” from October 2012 onwards.

7. Group and Referral Structure for CPS-PLATINUM is a continuation of CPS-GOLD for all active shareholders. Shareholders who do not activate their account will not be eligible for Referral Incentive (paid at real-time) and Group Bonus (monthly payment).

The objective of CPS-PLATINUM is to give shareholders contractual monthly dividend and long-term asset appreciation. The true goal of CPS-PLATINUM however is to be publicly listed and we anticipate to see this goal achieved in 2016.

Thank you.

Kenneth Elinger
CEO – Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

Berita Terkini VGMC 1st Oktober 2012 - Restructuring of Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (1999 – 2012)

Dear shareholders, employees and business associates,

Virgin Gold started with a humble beginning in Panama in 1999. In 2010 we decided to offer Convertible Preferred Shares (CPS-GOLD) to raise capital for our gold mining ventures. We are proud to say that the CPS decision has brought huge success for both the company and our shareholders. While the company benefited from fresh investments to fulfil its growth potential, shareholders enjoyed good returns for the past three (3) years.

As promised, the time has come for us to take this corporation to the next level. The Board of Directors has unanimously approved the corporate restructuring of Virgin Gold Mining Corporation effective today, the 1st of October 2012.

   Virgin Gold Mining Corporation
Corporate Restructuring Diagram
Professional Closed-End Fund (BVI)
  • Listing in 12 - 15 months
  • Share price to appreciate 13 - 18% per month
  • Admin office - Frankfurt, Germany
  • Managed by a new professional corporate team
Transfer all Gold Mining Assets & CPS-GOLD  
Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (Panama)
Transfer all Platinum Mining Assets 
 Onshore Investment Vehicle
VGMC (Belize)
  • Admin office - Frankfurt, Germany
  • Managed by current corporate team
VG Resources Limited
  • Listed on GXG Market, Denmark
  • Involved in Large Mining Investment, Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Admin office - Frankfurt, Germany

Note: VGMC (Panama) will maintain normal operation for the next 12 months to facilitate and to complete this corporate restructuring.

1. A Professional Closed-End Fund (PCEF) based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). All Gold Mining Assets, Mining Ventures and CPS-GOLD will be converted and transferred into this fund. A new professional corporate team has been set up to manage the PCEF. The PCEF will be in full operation by December 2012 and will be listed within the next 12-15 months.

2. VGMC (Belize) will assume control of all the company's Platinum Mining assets and continue to offer CPS-PLATINUM to all shareholders.

3. VG Resources Limited will be used as our corporate investment, acquisition and merger vehicles for all future mining ventures. VG Resources Ltd is a UK Corporation listed on GXG Markets. This is a regulated European wide market authorised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

On behalf of the management, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our shareholders for their continuous support over the years. I firmly believe that the new corporate development will bring our group of companies to greater heights and fulfil every shareholder’s dream for financial freedom.

The end of today marks the beginning of another new chapter in our life.

Humbly & sincerely,

Kenneth Elinger
CEO - Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

Berita Terkini VGMC 1st Oktober 2012 - Convertible Preferred Shares (CPS) – GOLD

Dear Shareholders,

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (Panama) will cease the offering of CPS – GOLD effective today, 1st October 2012. VGMC (Panama) will swap all its gold mining assets to a Professional Closed-End Fund (PCEF) registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). A new professional corporate team has been set up to manage the PCEF. All CPS-GOLD holders in VGMC will have their shares and options transferred to this new investment vehicle designed specifically for public listing purposes.

The Net Asset Value (NAV) per share of the PCEF will be audited and published on a monthly basis. In a nutshell, the PCEF is a structured pre-listing step for CPS-GOLD holders.

To simplify and further clarify the new development, below is a list of points for your understanding:

1. VGMC (Panama) stops offering CPS-GOLD effective today, 1st of October 2012.

2. VGMC (Panama) is switching all its mining interests and assets into a Professional Closed-End Fund (PCEF) based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).

3. In consideration of the entire asset swap, CPS-GOLD shares will also be transferred from VGMC (Panama) to the PCEF based in the BVI.

4. The reason for this exercise is to:
- Create corporate transparency for all financial dealings and asset accountability in accordance with listing requirements.
- Get public listed within the next 12 – 15 months.

5. The PCEF will be in full operation after the transfer of all assets and shares from VGMC (Panama) are completed, which is expected to be on the 1st of December 2012. Shareholders will be able to see all their shares and options statement in the PCEF through the PCEF website.

6. The value of shares in the PCEF is forecasted to start at USD2.50 (or other currency in equivalent value) in December 2012. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of shares in the PCEF will be audited and accounted by certified public accounting firm on a monthly basis to show full corporate accountability and transparency.

7. All monthly dividends will be re-invested into the company’s operation to create a larger and stronger mining corporation. This will benefit the shareholders as the Net Asset Value (NAV) per share will increase in compound value by 13-18% per month until listing.

8. Shareholders who elect not to have their shares listed when the listing offer documents are ready by the end of 2013 may opt for a “Voluntary Asset Distribution”. Non-listed assets may be distributed to shareholders who opt not to have their shares listed.

9. The PCEF is expected to be listed by the end of 2013 at an estimated price of not less than USD10 per share. In brief, VGMC shareholders can anticipate their assets to appreciate approximately 5 times (last CPS-GOLD price subscribed by shareholders in September 2012 is USD1.70 per share) between now and the listing date.

10. Shareholders will be asked to download a Self Declaration Form and notarize it together with a copy of their Local ID Card or Passport and a Proof of Address. This set of documents must be sent to the company as part of the listing requirements. Further details will be announced later this month.

11. How we convert CPS-GOLD from VGMC (Panama) to the PCEF in BVI:

• Gold Trading module will be stopped and losses absorbed by the company.
All Gold balance in VGMC shareholders’ gold account are automatically converted to credits on 1st October 2012.
Group Bonus for September is paid on 1st October 2012.
The last day of payment for CPS-GOLD dividend is 30th September 2012(Dividend due on 31st has also been paid on 30th September 2012).
As there will be no Gold and Credit Account in the PCEF, all credit balances will be automatically converted to CPS-GOLD share at the rate of USD1.70 per share on the 1st of October 2012. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any alternatives to this process and while we understand that not all shareholders will be in favour of the decision, the management strongly believes that the long-term benefits will outweigh the disadvantages. We urge all shareholders to take a long-term view in this matter, as we expect shares in PCEF to increase five (5) fold within the next 12-15 months, much to the advantage of the shareholders.
• Internal auditing starts on 1st October 2012, so all CPS-GOLD will be converted to PCEF share within the next 60 days.
All VGMC (Panama) Gold Mining Assets is to be audited and transferred to the PCEF (BVI) effective 1st October 2012

PCEF share is expected to be valued at USD2.50 per share in December 2012 and increase by a compound value of 13 -18% per month until listing within the next 12 – 15 months.

12. Our investment bankers, financial and audit consultants will be advising the company and shareholders on the PCEF listing jurisdiction and other requirements in the later part of 2013.

13. Any other details will be clarified when the PCEF is in full operation by the 1st of December 2012.

The management urges shareholders to exercise patience and understanding with regard to this exciting development.


Kenneth Elinger
CEO – Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Harga Share Terbaru & Terkini - October 2012

Salam Tuan/ Puan,

Bermulanya bulan baru October 2012, harga pelaburan terkini telah naik sebanyak USD 50 jadi harga pelaburan untuk bulan October 2012 ialah USD 1750 (RM 5600). 

Minima pelaburan adalah sebanyak 2 lots bersamaan dengan USD 3500 (RM 11,200).

Bagi sesiapa yang melabur pada bulan ini akan menerima bonus shares sebanyak 5% dari pelaburan, contoh seperti di bawah ;

Melabur 10 lots (10,000 units) + nikmati 5% bonus shares (500 units) = 10,500 units

  • 12% x 10,500 units = 1260
  • 1260/ 1000 units = 1.26 oz (dividen bulanan dibayar dalam ouns emas)
  • 1.26 oz x USD 1750 (harga emas terkini) = USD2205 <--- ini jumlah dividend dalam USD yg anda akan terima.

Latest Updates 1st Oct 2012 - System Under Maintenance

Dear Investor/ Shareholders,

Currently system is under maintenance for Internal and External Auditing. Please refer to important Press Release on GMT12:00, 1st October 2012. Shareholders will only be able to login on 2nd of October 2012. 

I need every VGMC shareholders to contact the company through the "Contact Us" and lodge a complaint with regards to system under maintanence for 2 times in a row on withdrawal date which have left us (VGMC shareholders) struggled to get our money withdrawn from the company.

Latest Updates 28th Sept 2012 - Gold Trading (Profit Taking)

Dear Shareholders,

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation (Panama) would like to urge ALL shareholders to sell their profit/winningposition(s) in Gold Trading Account by 30th of September 2012.

This will help the company a lot in our Internal Auditing that is schedule to take place on Monday, 1st October 2012.


Matthew Jacobsen
Vice President – Investor Relations
Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Latest Updates 13th September 2012 - Planned Maintenance Notification

Dear Shareholders,

Please be advised that our system is scheduled for maintenance which is required to upgrade our servers to ensure that our system is up to par with the growth of shareholders.

START: 2012-09-14, 0:00 AM CET (GMT +2)
FINISH: 2012-09-14, 2:00 AM CET (GMT +2)

Duration: Under 2 hours

Shareholders would not be able to access their accounts within this time period.
Please excuse the inconvenience as our Technical Specialist strives to provide a better and smoother experience for all our shareholders.

Thank you,

Virgin Gold Technical Department